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This is what some people have to say about me.

If you would like to add a testimonial, please send it to me on the contact page.

I’ve been working with Shana Israel Fitness for a little over 3 months. Thus far I’ve lost 30lbs and countless inches! Every session is different and I feel very comfortable versus me going into a gym. She shows me the right technique “chest out, back straight” lol. She also has great words of encouragement that encourages me to keep striving toward our weight loss goals. I am starting to do and love certain exercises I despised doing in the beginning! I have so much energy throughout the day and after every workout I feel so refreshed! Hosea 4:6 explains that we as a people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and that goes into our health and fitness as well. “Your body achieves what the mind believes” “Take care of your body so that it can fight for you!” 

-Sis Chiba

  Chicago Camp

Working with Sis Shoshana is a wonderful experience! I currently work out with her once a week and we meet vertically via FaceTime. I must say, I love her professionalism and words of encouragement while working out. She’s able to push me beyond my limits which I haven’t and won’t do while working out alone. She’s very flexible which is very helpful as well. I live in the midwest while she lives on the east coast. Shoshana makes sure your form is correct for safety also. I’m able to workout at home using furniture or at the gym using equipment. 

Shana Fitness also prepped a meal plan for me and it wasn’t hard to follow at all. She’s great with accountability and making sure you stay disciplined through your journey. I never knew I could not eat meat in one month. Your hear me!?? No meat! I’m surprised at the wonderful habits I’m able to pick up in just one month of working with Shana Fitness. 


Additionally, I travel for work and everyone knows how challenging it could be to eat healthy on the road. Let me tell you...!! Shoshana hipped me to a few recipes to eat while on the road and they are delicious. I would’ve never thunk of it. I really appreciated it. Thanks girl. ^_^


Lastly, it is wonderful to see her example in working out and eating clean. Have you ever had an overweight personal trainer? How hypocritical does it look while they are trying to teach you about working out and eating healthy and they aren’t living by their rules. Shoshana defiantly does what she says and teaches her clients. 


I look forward with working with Shoshana and HIGHLY recommend her services to others. Keep up the wonderful work sis and may TMH continue to bless your business. 


As a older woman in my fifties my overall health and physical strength is a concern. I had gained 20 pounds in 2 years and was diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure. With my hectic schedule , and not feeling well it was difficult to make the time to focus and I was not consistent with  healthy eating , diet or exercise. I desperately needed an fitness accountability partner. After discussing my concerns and fitness goals... Welcome Shana Fitness !!
Within 3 months.. only working out 
Three times a week , 30-45min I have lost 10 lbs and 3 inches all around. My blood pressure is HEALTHY !!  Shana has accommodated my  kind of crazy and virtually worked out with me all times of day or night... including different time zones while on a cruise to help maintain my focus. I have not only gained a awesome personal trainer but a spiritual daughter as well. 

Sirach 30 vs 15 
Health and a good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth. 

“Don’t complain about the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t put in” 

Looking forward to a lifelong fitness journey. 



It has been only three weeks since I joined the Shoshana Fitness train and already I have accomplished to lose 7 Lbs! With Shoshana Fitness its not only about the weight loss, her focus is on the whole body! From healthy eating habits, meal plans, proportion sizes and creating an overall healthy life style! Shoshana evaluates all her clients individually and creates a plan that works for you! What I love about the work out sessions is that she knows how hard to push! I love the fact that she offers virtual training sessions, though we live miles away each work out session feels like she is right there with me! I know there is a healthier me somewhere and with Shoshana Fitness in my corner I know I can get there! 

-A Happy and Healthy Shana Israel Fit Client

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